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A motivated team created Peru Operator to improve the quality of tourism in Peru and provide clients with a more personalized travel experience. We have experienced the Peruvian and South American tourism industries first-hand, and therefore understand the strengths and areas of improvement, from both a local and foreign perspective.

Travellers at Heart, Tourism Professionals in Life

Peru Operator has perfected the art of tailor-made tours just for you. From preliminary discussions, we review your interests, allotted time, group size, and the type of experience you are looking for — to create your perfect Peruvian itinerary.

There is an abundance to do and see in Peru, especially in the Cusco region; which includes endless treks, high-adrenaline activities such as mountain biking and ziplining, historical sites, and small towns. The variety of tours and companies on offer can be overwhelming. You do not want to find yourself sipping on your fresh passionfruit and guava juice before your flight home, to realize that you overpaid to go on the same “gringo trail” that thousands of travellers have done for years!

But do not worry, one of the things that makes us unique is that we are not the type of agency to rush you through all these activities. It is not everyday that you find yourself in such beautiful and diverse natural environments. Therefore, we give you the time and even encourage you to reflect, medidate, and try to feel at one with nature.

Consult a capable and experienced tour operator. Book with Peru Operator to maximise your trip and ensure that you have the most unique, local experiences — with a company that always goes the extra mile.

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